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The Potent Presentations Initiative is sponsored by the American Evaluation Association for the explicit purpose of helping evaluators improve their presentation skills, both at the annual conference and in individual evaluation practice. Potent Presenters think about three things: Message, Design, and Delivery.

p2i Team

Sheila Robinson

Stephanie Evergreen

Chris Metzner

Advisory Board Members

  • Agata Jose-Ivanina
  • Amy Germuth
  • Ann Emery
  • Chi Lam
  • David Shellard
  • Jane Davidson
  • Johanna Morariu
  • June Gothberg
  • Kylie Hutchinson
  • John Nash
  • Stuart Henderson
  • Susan Kistler

Special Thanks

A very special thank you to the people who submitted examples for us to use in the Design Demo (in the order that the examples appear):

  • Amy Germuth, EvalWorks
  • Krista Schumacher, Oklahoma State University
  • Tom Archibald & Jane Buckley, Cornell University
  • Jennifer Miller, Interior Health
  • Lori Wingate, Western Michigan University
  • Stuart Henderson, University of California-Davis
  • June Gothberg, Western Michigan University


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