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Ignite sessions are a new addition to the set of session types presented at the 2012 AEA annual conference. Just 5 minutes in length, Ignite sessions are very short and thus the presenter must be prepared and the presentation must be structured. In a 30 minute training webinar, held twice, AEA’s eLearning Initiatives Director Stephanie Evergreen described the preparation, logistics, development, and delivery of an Ignite presentation. The training includes a demonstration of a full Ignite presentation.

Email Stephanie Evergreen for questions or more information.

What does an Ignite session look like?

Ignite presentations will be grouped into sets on a common general theme, such as ‘health and human services’ or ‘exploring methodology.’ During the session, a moderator briefly introduces each presentation and the presentations are given in rapid succession, one following another. At the end, time is set aside for connecting with individual presenters, but there is not a formal question and answer portion of the session. With some presentations akin to a performance, and recognizing that for many the format is a new one, audiences often applaud and support those who rise to the occasion. Read more.

Ready to begin planning your presentation?

Download the new p2i Ignite Presentation Planning worksheet.

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    […] Make your presentation shine. Check out AEA’s Potent Presentations Initiative (p2i) for tips on message, design, and delivery. My favorite p2i resources are the preparation checklist, the slide design guidelines, and the resources specifically for 5-minute Ignite presentations. […]

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